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Supported Living UK offer a range of care services to support people living in their own homes. Our aim is to enable service users to live their daily lives to the full, knowing that with our team, they have choice, support, safety and professional assistance that they can rely on. Our staff will always put the person at the centre of care, providing a complete care package tailored to the needs of the individual. The care package is reviewed on a regular basis to ensure that it continues to meet the needs of the service user.

Supporting the Individual

We will:

  • Take time to understand the daily routine of each service user- cultural needs and beliefs, personal care, activities, leisure interests and domestic tasks.
  • Maintain the individual’s dignity and privacy.
  • Offer support to develop new skills and increase confidence.

Health Management

We will:

  • Help the service user to identify any health needs they may have.
  • Assist with the management of health needs by giving support i.e. attend any health care and dental appointments.
  • Give support to manage any medication, should this be required.
  • Continually promote health and aim to increase the service user’s knowledge about how to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Risk Management

We will:

  • Provide service users with an individual risk assessment and strive to provide the best opportunities and choices within this framework.
  • Give individuals the freedom to try different activities and experiences.
  • Manage responsibly any risks relating to health, neglect, violence, aggression, self-harm or harm from others, exploitation and community access.
  • Hold the following policies: Equality and Diversity policy, Equal Opportunities policy, Human Rights policy and Safeguarding Adults policy.

Supporting Behavioural Needs

We will:

  • Work with existing management strategies and care plans for behavioural needs.
  • Review and amend care plans to meet any changing needs of the service user.
  • Support the individual to live their life how they wish to and enable them to have access to the community.
  • Safely manage any challenging behaviour that service users may have.
  • Ensure the number of staff in the placement will be sufficient to de-escalate any challenging behavior should it arise.
  • Ensure that intervention is only used when essential and when all other strategies have been unsuccessful and use the least amount of intervention practicable in any given situation.

Domiciliary Care

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